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 Welcome to Araluen Christian College - a distinctly Christian College from Transition to Year 9 students who work, play and interact under the guidance of quality staff.

At Araluen Christian College, we believe in the importance of relationships within community. The Christian faith says that as individuals, we were created to be in relationship with God and with each other. As committed Christians, our teachers recognise this truth and that is what makes our College unique.

For us, all of our College programs including our strong academic program must be supported within a frame work of caring relationships.  Our College is built around a foundation of community. In that community, children feel they are cared for and that they belong. Cross-age relationships are natural, and at Araluen, age, gender and Year Level are no barrier to  growth and development personally and in the educational journey.

Relationships between staff and parents are equally important. The best outcomes for children are possible when parents and teachers partner together.


Term dates for 2017: Term 1 - 30 January to 7 April; Term 2 - 18 April to 23 June; Term 3 - 24 July to 22 September; Term 4 - 9 October to 14 December.


Building a positive school community

Our College is committed to building an environment where everyone feels valued and contributes in a positive way. We  are building a culture of peace.  Our staff recognise that for children to get the most out of their education, everyone in the community needs to work together in harmony to promote a sense of belonging, generosity, responsibility, discovery and challenge. Araluen is a ''KidsMatter school', this means inclusion and belonging are high on our agenda. Here are just a few examples of areas in which children are supported and challenged.


  • Self-esteem and resilience
  • Team building
  • Anti-bullying strategies
  • Personal health and fitness
  • Cross-age buddy groups
  • Leadership development

Our staff are also strongly commited to continued learning. Some possess or have begun to work towards, a Masters degree. All teachers attend Professional Development in their own time or at other times, to ensure their teaching is up to date and relevant.

A Foundation for the Future

We recognise that in a rapidly changing world, educational standards must keep pace. As a Government-recognised College, we have our finger on the pulse of change, continually monitoring educational best practice. None of us, however, know all the changes we will face in the future.

Education alone will not provide us with the wisdom to make right choices in a changing world. Recognising that God is the source of all wisdom, we work hard to provide a quality education based upon timeless values of courage, perseverance and resilience which can weather the storms of change. We actively encourage faith in our God who cares for us and supports us through all of life's challenges.

Meeting our Students' Total Educational Needs

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive education which supports children to discover and develop their many and varied attributes.

This means we offer a broad range of educational experiences.  We foster understanding of and with the individuals in our care, while being sensitive to the changing educational needs of students as they mature and develop.


This involves:

  • A solid biblical basis which flows through our curriculum
  • A strong and purposeful focus on all key learning ares including Literacy, Writing and Maths
  • Careful tracking of student progress
  • Extra help for children with specific areas of need
  • Built in extension for children with special gifts and talents
  • An ICT program which equips students for today's and tomorrow's technological world
  • Fitness, P.E. a Perceptual Motor program and Government-funded After-school Activities that ensure students are physically fit and active
  • A challenging Science program
  • Involvement in interschool sporting activities from Years 5-9.

All of this is underpinned by a nurturing, protective enviroment, where children's concerns and difficulties are taken seriously and are addressed promptly.  We aim for a safe, secure College where children are treated by everyone as being special.  Due to the size of the College, everyone knows and is known by all students and staff members.

To achieve this we teach children the skills of 'how to learn'. We want students to leave our College not merely with a head full of information, but with the skills, attitudes, critical thinking ability and faith to continue growing as young people of integrity, with the capacity to keep on learning as they move on to a Senior Secondary College.

After all, isn't this what a Transition to Year 9 College should be about?



Parent Teacher Interviews

bookings can be made from Tuesday 14th of February from 7am.
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