Transformational adventures

Year 4 camp: Students are introduced to the concept of camping; within Alice Springs.

Year 5/6: This takes place at Hamilton Downs one year and Gum Tree the next year. Students explore the environments of both camping spots and enjoy a range of activities, including team building.

Year 7/8: One year, students venture further away from Alice Springs as they head out to Kings Canyon. They learn new skills as well as team building and problem solving. They walk the rim of Kings Canyon and spend time learning about indigenous culture, as well as various other activities along the way. In the second year, students build their resilience and perseverance through biking the 17kms out to Simpson’s Gap to camp for the week. They participate in indigenous painting sessions, camp cooking, hiking, and other activities, before cycling back into Alice at the end of the week. 

Year 9: Students complete walks along the Larapinta Trail along with students from other NT Christian Schools. They have the opportunity to enjoy God’s creation and spend time in the quiet of the bush. 
Year 10: All NT Christian College students travel together for three weeks, taking in the sights of Adelaide, Sydney and Canberra. They go skiing and learn about science, civics and history.