Our team

A headshot photo of a man with glasses
Rob Pople, College Principal

Rob has started his principalship with Araluen Christian College in 2024.

For the past 19 years, Rob has been teaching and leading in different Christian Schools and locations in Tasmania and in the Northern Territory.

Rob is passionate about teaching and learning, student wellbeing and promoting Christian education.

It is his deep hope that Araluen Christian College continues to be a safe, nurturing and supportive teaching and learning community, that gives God glory through all parts of College life.

Dr Roger Fernando, Assistant Principal

Roger has served for over 40 years in Christian Schools as a senior Chemistry,  Biology and junior Science and Mathematics teacher. He has also held senior leadership roles in Christian Schools for over 30 years. Roger is delighted to serve the Araluen Christian College community.

Rosemary Lindsey, Learning Inclusion Coordinator

Rosie started at Araluen Christian College in 2010 and has held many positions over this period of time.

Rosie began her teaching career in New Zealand and has had the privilege of experiencing many styles of education, as she has lived with her family in different countries.

Rosie has a desire to see each student achieve their God given potential and become who God has created them to be. She is passionate about  teaching and learning from a Christian perspective as well as inclusive practices.

It is her deep hope that we would be a community that continues to learn and be shaped as individuals into the people God wants us to be.