Education at Araluen College

At Araluen Christian College we are passionate about delivering high-quality Christian education to our students. We also want to partner with you to train and care for your child/ren, helping guide them in the ways of Christ.

Our teaching strategies are based on the concept of formational learning – an approach which helps students respond with their head, heart and hands. Our goal is to help them learn about God’s world and to find their hope in Christ.

At Araluen Christian College we seek to guide our students to become:

  • Resilient
  • Lifelong learners
  • Image bearers of Christ
  • Risk takers
  • Community minded
  • Caretakers of the Earth
  • Socially and emotionally intelligent
  • Confident and persistent

Primary school

These years are the building blocks for a child’s future. We create an environment that encourages each student to learn.

Middle school

Middle school comprises Years 7-9. We build on the foundations of primary school, preparing students for the next stage of their life journey – whether that’s academic or vocationally based.

Senior school

Northern Territory Christian College is our senior school provider, offering a high-quality learning environment for senior students. Currently, year 10 is available at Araluen.

Student wellbeing

At Araluen we believe that all students are precious and valued image bearers of God. Read more »

Transformational adventures

Camps are an integral part of each year’s curriculum. They are a highlight of each year and form a key part of relationship building and resilience. Read more »

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