Student wellbeing

Learning support

At Araluen, we identify your child’s needs and adapt our teaching to address the needs of your child.

Sensory room

We have a sensory room set up, within the College, that has multiple pieces of equipment for individual students who need help with sensory integration. Benefits students gain from time in the sensory room include:    

  • a sense of calm
  • improved concentration and attention 
  • emotional regulation
  • improved body awareness, which can lead to improvements in gross and fine motor tasks
  • improved learning
  • improved social engagement with peers


At Araluen, we have adopted PeaceWise, to assist with conflict resolution. PeaceWise is a resource that teaches students conflict resolution skills in a practical hands-on approach. Students are encouraged to adopt PeaceWise principles when dealing with conflict.


The College pays a yearly subscription for the services of Holyoake. Parents who feel their child needs counselling can access this service at no cost. 

Contact Holyoake:

phone: 8952 5899 


Through the partnership we have with Holyoake Counselling Services, the College also provides sand play therapy sessions for students aged 5-12 years. Contact the College office for more information on how to access these sessions.