Middle school – the bridge between primary and secondary

Middle school builds on the foundation of primary school and thoroughly prepares students for their senior studies, whether that be academic or vocationally based.

Middle school is a rich learning environment that allows for consistent change from childhood, through adolescence, to young adulthood. A smaller environment with supportive staff ensures students are personally cared for during these changing years.

Middle school curriculum

Araluen Christian College’s approach to teaching is Christ-centred, relevant to the 21st century and able to cater for students’ individual needs. Programs are based on a Christian worldview and cover all educational requirements of the Australian curriculum using proven and age-appropriate educational strategies.

Middle school students participate in range of formational learning experiences which encourage deeper learning and connection with God and the world around them. These experiences also cater for the needs of adolescents as they continue to navigate their education and prepare for their senior secondary years. 


Students continue to develop an appreciation and wonder towards Mathematics and English, as they are challenged to build their skills and abilities in these areas.


History and social studies content allows students to learn more about their world and the time and place we find ourselves in. They are challenged to explore and think deeply about a range of important issues.


Students learn scientific methods, while discovering more about the wonder of God’s creation through practices such as astronomy, chemistry and biology. 

Pastoral Care Group

Students explore the Bible and also learn practical study-based, and personal, skills that will set them up for success in other subjects. A student’s pastoral care group is also their home base – with their teacher being their main point person for any issues or concerns.


There are a range of electives for students to explore – all aimed at helping them uncover their strengths and gifts, and to grow their abilities in many exciting and practical areas.

Online Learning – Canvas

Our school utilises an online learning management system called Canvas. Students can use this to upload assignments, view course material and see their grades. Parents also have access to it.

Senior years

Year 10 is offered on site by Northern Territory Christian College. Learn more