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Middle School


What is Middle Schooling?
Middle School is a bridge from primary to the senior years of  schooling. It builds on the foundation of primary school and thoroughly prepares students for their senior studies, whether that be fully academic or vocationally based. 
 Middle School is a rich learning environment that allows for consistent change from childhood, through adolescence, to young adulthood.  A smaller environment with supportive staff ensures students are personally cared for during these changing years.
In the Middle School, Araluen Christian College focuses on an approach which is Christ-centered, relevant to the 21st century and caters for students’ individual needs. Programs are based on a Christian world view and cover all educational requirements of the Australian Curriculum and parts of the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework.
We are genuinely proud of how well our Middle School students  progress academically, of the positive relationships they are developing, and of the leadership they are displaying.  We have developed significant transitional pathways with the Senior Colleges in Alice Springs and are excited when we hear of the continued progress of our students who have graduated from Araluen in Year 9.
Our College Captains and Vice Captains are chosen from the Middle School and they take a leadership role around the College in many ways including oversite of the Student Representative Council (SRC).  
The Christian Basis of Middle Schooling


  • Christians are called to live in relationship. Students in Middle School are encouraged to develop strong relationships with God, with their teachers and with each other.
  • Araluen Christian College guides students in their Christian journey of loving, caring for, accepting, forgiving and serving others on the foundation of God's truth, the Bible.
  • Students have gifts and talents in abundance because these were given by God. Students are encouraged to develop and use their gifts in service to others.
  • Beliefs and values are learnt through close relationships. In Middle School years, friends can influence students' values as strongly as their family. It is vital that students share their Christian journey with others who hold these values.
  • The ability to think critically and with discernment is important for Middle School students. It is therefore essential students learn to do this from a Christian perspective, and to voice opinions in appropriate ways.
  • The Araluen Christian College motto is "Faith, Hope and Love." In Middle School we encourage faith in God, hope based on a personal relationship with Jesus and love as we put our faith into action. We will continue in Middle schooling to equip students with Faith, Hope and Love.



Middle Schooling began in 2008 with Year 7. 2010 saw our first Year 9 students graduate from Araluen Christian College.  We have been excited by the reports returning to the College from our graduates about how well ready they were for senior secondary from the time they had at Middle School at Araluen Christian College. We continue to educate students from Transition to Year 9. Year 9 is currently our highest level.  We work with other town schools to assist our students in the Transition at Year 10. Each new year we receive an influx of Year 7 students.  We have a specific orientation program at Year 7. Parents see the advantage of students being  part of a smaller learning community with full access to high quality technology and top academic programs delivered by committed and caring teachers.  



  • Learning is geared towards students' stages of growth and development so they can achieve success.
  • Programs continue to have a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, with individual support. Strong academic achievement is an expectation. Students are expected to work hard and complete all assignment tasks to the best of their ability.
  • Students are involved in higher order and critical thinking skills as they focus on local and global issues.
  • Greater emphasis is placed on students' exploration of their own attitudes, values and interests.
  • Middle School students are encouraged to become responsible for their home study.
  • Students continue to learn how to work in teams both in class and beyond.
  • Students engage in more sophisticated aspects of Science, SOSE, History Art and Technology.
  • Students have the opportunity to explore and practice leadership skills through service to the College and the Community.
  • Technoloogy is now embedded in our Middle School program as students have access to 1 to 1 laptops so that they can use this valuable tool in an integrated way in all learning. Students continue to develop the necessary ICT  life skills for living in today's society,including developing appropriate boundaries. Students will learn to use all aspects of technology with safety and integrity.
  • We have a strong camp program each year in the Middle School.  One year we travel to Sydney & Canberra. Another year we visit Kings Canyon to experience the wonders of Central Australia, the third year of Middle School the camp is a local outdoor camp.  All of these experiences build the sense of community that currently 60 students enjoy at the Araluen Christian College Middle School.

  Pastoral Care

 Adolescents need good role models to help develop positive self images and gain acceptance by both their peers and by the adults around them.

Home-room teachers are the first point of contact between the school and home and have the academic and pastoral responsibility for each student in their care. They are responsible for monitoring student progress and wellbeing across all subjects and for communicating with parents regarding any issues of concern which affect the student.

As with any year of schooling, the students' emotional, mental and physical needs will be catered for throughout our Middle School programs.

Due to the size of Araluen, students are well-known by staff and other students and operate in an environment which is more like a family than an institution. It is an engaging, friendly and secure place in which to move through adolescence.






Parent Teacher Interviews

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