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      Transition: The Doorway to Education

Transition gives children a first impression of the educational pathway on which they are embarking. As the door is opened...

At Araluen it is important to us that children have a happy and successful start to school.

Children are individuals who mature at differing rates and as such they will progress differently from each other. Some are ready and eager, some are a little reluctant, some need gentle encouragement, some need a firmer approach.  All need constant care as they become familiar with a new environment.


  A typical day in Transition may look like this:

  • The day begins with Brain Gym - a series of exercises that calm and prepare the brain for learning.
  • Class devotions and fruit break.
  • Several days per week, the students participate in a Perceptual Motor program. This involves fun physical activities that enable children to use their bodies in a way that develops their fine and gross motor skills. It also allows them a time to relate more informally in a group setting with their peers.
  • After Recess, developmental concepts in literacy and numeracy are the focal points up until lunchtime.
  • The afternoon is spent focusing on the following areas; Science, History, Geography,Technology and Design, Learning Technology, Health, Biblical Studies, Art, Music, Library and Physical Education.

There is plenty of time to learn through play, to build and create, to develop social skills, to solve problems and resolve the occasional conflict.

Your child is special to us, and we delight to see him or her progressing along this very special pathway.




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