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What you can expect from the College

  • You and your children will benefit by having the College work in partnership with your family. This partnership recognises that parents are called by God to be responsible for the training of their children, and the school helps the parents to fulfil this responsibility.
  •  Having a teacher or teachers who are committed in their Christian walk, care about you and your family and genuinely seek the best for your child/children will be valuable to you.
  •  The emphasis on the key learning areas of literacy and mathematical competency; vital skills required to live a meaningful and productive life in today’s society will see your children in equipped for the future.
  • You will also benefit from an integrated technology program that not only teaches children skills but teaches them to use technology in a safe and appropriate manner.
  •  By your children understanding they have worth and are loved by an awesome God. We will teach them that life has meaning and that God shows us how to live life in relation to other people, the world and also to Him.
  •  Our teaching will encourage your children to become morally responsible, disciplined, respectful, generous and loving of their peers and others.
  •  You and your children will benefit from an excellent education which will enable them to pursue their dreams and challenge their abilities.
  • We value the opportunity to partner with you in your child(ren's) education.


What the College expects from Students 

  • Regular and punctual attendance.
  • Complying with the Student Code of Conduct this includes:
  • Appropriate behaviour and respect for themselves, others, including their teachers, and property.
  • Completion of homework and assignments and full participation in school activities.
  • Use of their God given talents and abilities in service to their families, their class, the College and the wider community.


What the College expects from Parents

 An interest shown in their child’s education by communicating any concerns with teachers and assisting their child/children with homework.

  • Active and visible support of the instruction and code of conduct of the College.
  • Informing the College of any absences either by telephone or written note.
  • Ensuring the College uniform code is followed.
  • Encouraging appropriate behaviour and respect by their children towards staff, other parents and other children.
  • Following the approved policies of the College.
  • The payment of fees in a timely manner and early communication if difficulties arise.
  • Attendance at College events such as Parent-Teacher interviews and various fundraising events. 

 What the College Expects from Teachers

  • Quality planning,  preparation and assessment of all curriculum areas for which they are responsible.
  • Provision of a learning environment which engages and stimulates students.
  • An understanding of child development which results in the scheduling of work at appropriate levels and with realistic expectations in terms of standards and behaviour.
  • Open communication with students, other staff and parents.
  • A mature Christian lifestyle which pervades all aspects of their work.


Other Staff

  • A caring, supportive attitude towards students, staff and parents.
  • A strong commitment to service.
  • A willingness to share particular strengths and abilities.



Parent Teacher Interviews

bookings can be made from Tuesday 14th of February from 7am.
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